Hello dearest friends and supporters! It has been a very long time since I have updated you! I promise, I have been up to a LOT of exciting things! So let me get to it…

After taking a year off, I am bringing back ART4LIFE!! Bigger and better then ever. You do not wanna miss this one! Two nights of incredibly uplifting, stimulating, compelling shows and more special guests then ever! Click the link below to support and please check back often for updates! And donate now to get your tickets at

So much love to you all!


CV Luxury Feature

Everyone check out my feature for CV Luxury Wellness, talking crystals, Reiki, mantras, inspiration, choreography and more! Lots of love to you all!

Younique Cosmetic Products!

Hi there! I am thrilled to announced that I am now a presenter for Younique beauty products! Younique is all about empowering people and building a strong sense of confidence and self worth in our clients. I fell in love with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, which is what inspired me to think about joining the Younique team! Order yours now along with many other amazing products!

Checking in, tanks, and new pictures!

Hello all! Hope this beautiful monday finds you smiling. Just saying hello and sharing some of my new photos.

Also, my online distributor for my brand Starbeat, is no longer. So, if you want to order any tanks or bracelets… You can still go to “store” here on the site and then you will be able to email to inquire about sizes available, etc. We are in the process of making this shift, so please be patient!

I am working on a couple of different projects right now. One being my first ever self written short dil, which I will be staring in with the incredibly talented actor and even more beautiful human being, Christian Ewton. Stay tuned! I’m also staring in a short by director/producer/poet, Boyan Deam, in which I will be bringing one of his poems to life via movement and silent expression.

There are many more things going on as well. You know me! Always cooking up multiple recipes! I’m still on tour with Hollywood Vibe convention. Hope to catch you in one of our cities!

Love and light,

Gina 🙂

Jessebodshot small jessecommercialsmile smallPhoto credit: Jesse Ashton Photography

Happy New Year?!


I understand it is now February… So, I may be a tad bit fashionably late in saying this. But, happy new year everyone! Apologies for my lack of updating you on my life, career, etc. It has been a time of massive shift in a lot of ways, and I am thrilled about some new projects that are coming up!

I will definitely tune you guys in as things progress. Currently though, I would just like to express my gratitude for your love and support. And tell you that you are all amazing, unique, beautiful beings with infinite opportunities to express and share and be… MORE LOVING, MORE COMPASSIONATE, MORE JOYFUL, MORE CREATIVE, and beyond! Sending you radiant light today!

Please check out the playlist of my recent show, Art4life Unplugged! It is worth watching the whole thing!

Lots of love,


Unpublished cover photo, new footage, etc…



Hi everyone! it has been such a long time since I have updated you all… I am sorry about that. I have been incredibly busy with lots of wonderful projects and things! To stay VERY current with me all the time, follow me on instagram! And subscribe to this blog and my youtube.

I am proud to say that I had two incredibly successful shows! Art4life7 and Art4life Unplugged were both incredible! And to create and share art while saving lives at the same time, is something that we should all be doing as much as possible. it is so wonderfully healing for not just those receiving the money, but for the artists as well!

Below is a video of the opening piece, Twice, form Art4life Unplugged. I will be releasing at least 2 pieces from the show every week for the next 6-7 weeks until the whole show is up! Then you can watch it all in a playlist! Again, SUBSCRIBE to!

Also, check out this amazing unpublished image from a magazine cover shoot I did a while back! Photography by Bree Wilber. 🙂



Until next time… Love and light to all of you!


Just some words I wanted to share…

It is not always easy to live in this society as a forward thinker and spiritually advanced soul. People often persecute you because your energy, ideas, thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc do not fit into the idea of what is “normal” or “acceptable”. Or maybe it does fit, but it’s “too much”, so “it can’t possibly be genuine”… I am holding the space for you young leaders and I say this to you- Be yourself. And follow your heart. Always set your intention to do what serves the highest good of all. (Occasionally, you will do something that isn’t quite that… You are human. We all do. Forgive yourself, and move forward in love.) We are advancing and growing as a human race… Expanding. And like a beautiful old tree, we must let go of the leaves (old ideas and rituals) that have died, so that we can continue to grow and bring oxygen to our planet. If a tree held onto a dead leaf, soon the whole thing would be ill and decay. There are people out there who are living their lives in fear. Clinging desperately to the need for sameness. And it is their fear that causes them to say negative things about you, to laugh at your free spiritedness and joy, as if it’s something that shouldn’t be celebrated… Just remember that you are here for a reason! Jesus himself was a victim of this very fear based behavior. And where would we be if Columbus and his crew did not sail the ocean blue because the rest of the population believed the Earth was flat?! Embrace your true nature. Take chances. Be more joyful. Be more adventurous. Challenge your own ideas. Take time to tune in… Everything that you need to know, everything that you are, is already there, right inside of your spirit. God (or whatever term resonates with you) is ready and willing to give you infinite access to knowledge, health, joy, creativity, freedom, and more. You are loved! And you are not alone!.. I too have been a victim of verbal bullying, etc. It has nothing to do with you! :)With pure love, and light. -Gina

A-Muse Me Feature… And Art4life!! :)

Check out this great feature and interview on me in a fashion blog.

Also, I am in full swing of the planning and creating of Art4life. It is going to be amazing this year! We have Interscope artist, Mateo, slated to play live. Tons of incredible dance pieces by yours truly, and some amazing guest artists… Including Twitch and Allison Holker, Sophia Lucia and more! Our MC for the evening will be Quddus Phillipe. More updates soon! In the meantime, we still need your help in the production of the event. So please visit and donate! Every bit helps!

Check out this amazing duet that you can see live at Art4life on August 1st at Supperclub in Hollywood!

In other exciting news, I am now a certified reiki healer and will be completing my mastery tomorrow! There is far too much to share in a short post, but it has been incredible. My close friends and family know that I have been doing healings on people for years! But, since my attunements and training, the energy is accelerated and heightened in a huge way! I’ve really been channeling this healing in to the work that I have been doing with Art4life. My intention with Art4life, is that the vibration of it is so high, that even seeing or thinking the word brings healing! I’ve also been doing healings on my dancers and sending that loving, divine energy into the space I’m holding for the actual night of the show. I hope that you can all come and be a part of it! Either way, just reading this post is bringing you pure joy, love, balance and more!

Love and light,

Gina 🙂